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PG PLUS™ Friction Ready Calipers

PG PLUS™ premium quality friction ready calipers allow you to select and install your choice of Raybestos® brand friction. Friction ready calipers provide complete coverage, and come complete with hardware and mounting brackets. Before it goes into the box, each Raybestos PG PLUS™ friction ready caliper is 100 percent pressure tested to ensure safe, leak-free performance.

Feature: Fully assembled including mounted brackets (Where applicable) Benefit: Less time needed to complete the repair Feature: Includes all necessary pad and mounting hardware Benefit: Separate hardware purchase not necessary Feature: Less SKU's than loaded calipers w/same coverage Benefit: Multiple numbers with different friction not tying up inventory dollars. Application scpecific by adding correct friction for the application Feature: New bleeder screws and copper sealing washers Benefit: Safe, leak-free installation Feature: 100% pressure tested Benefit: Safe, Leak Free performance

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