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R300 Rotors


FEEL THE ADVANTAGE OF NEW “S-GROOVE” SLOT DESIGNS ENGINEERED FOR STRONGER BITE, SMOOTHER BRAKING AND INCREASED PAD LIFE • The Best possible pedal feel thanks to maximized pad to rotor surface contact • Pad life increased up to 30% by preventing brake fade and promoting out-gassing • Superior “panic-stop” braking due to high-flow, clog resistant vane designs • Less prone to cracking that takes place on traditional drilled rotor designs SEE THE RESULTS OF TWO CORROSION-RESISTANT COATING FORMULATED FOR OPTIMAL COOLING, AND PREMIUM RUST PROTECTION • Premium appearance and longevity because protective formula covers entire rotor surface • Rust-free edges, vanes and rotor hat credited to all-weatherdefense polymer coating • Withstands 300 hours of saltwater exposure as proven by salt spray test regulation ASTM-B117 • Prevents edge lift by presenting the most favorable contact surface for a brake pad

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