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Raybestos® Police Rotor

Raybestos® Police Rotor The police rotor is an evolving generation product in our highly successful Advanced Technology family. The Raybestos® brand has engineered specific metallurgy advances into the Police rotor that has raised the level of performance and expectation needed to support successful law enforcement operation. Braking requirements are complicated on police vehicles. Equipment, safety and performance demands heighten the need for dependability. No other rotor available to Law Enforcement can match our Quiet on Arrival Police rotor.

Polymer Binding Coating Subjected to environmental conditions such as heat, cold, ice, snow and rain, durability is a critical aspect of police rotors. This polymer binding coating has special armor-type shielding characteristics that provide significantly greater protection against the elements. This advanced coating is evenly applied on every rotor using state of the art robotic technology. Superior Metallurgy Our dedicated engineers have improved upon the "one metallurgy fits all" theory. QOA Technology rotors are cast from damped iron - an alloy that is metallurgically formulated to disrupt vibration and suppress noise ensuring consistent and quite arrivals every time. Enhanced Vane Configuration Specifically designed for increased air flow throughout the rotor, the QOA rotor maintains lower temperatures with a vane configuration no other competitive rotor in the market can match. Optimized Weight When police vehicles make sudden high speed stops, weight distribution and temperature are inherently high on the front wheels. Recent fleet testing has revealed a replacement ratio of 3:1 between front and rear rotors. Raybestos QOA rotors on the front, combined with Advanced Technology rotors on the rear, provide outstanding braking characteristics and performance whether on patrol or in pursuit.

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