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Raybestos® Advanced TechnologyTM Disc Brake Rotors

Each Raybestos® Advanced TechnologyTM disc brake rotor undergoes a strict measurement process to ensure it meets the strictest physical, safety and performance requirements.

NO TURN GUARANTEE Special coating increases life of the rotor Special finishing process reduces noise and pedal pulsation No break-in period required OE metallurgy and design for optimal performance Expanded coverage Installation-ready – No turning or modification prior to installation Full refund or replacement to rotor Turned finish with RA 15 - 60 A properly machined finish does not require a non-directional finish No turning required Lower RA values result in less brake noise Typical Economy rotors even with a ground non-directional finish has an RA up to 120 or higher Lateral run-out of .002" or less Results in less pulsation issues Ready to install out of the box, no turningrequired Typical Economy rotors exceed .004" run-out Excessive run-out can cause friction material transfer after 5,000 - 7,000 miles Thickness variation .0004" Measured 360 degrees around the rotor, checking the nominal (out of the box) thickness Excessive thickness variation can cause pulsation problems Typical Economy rotors exceed .0005" Parallelism of .002" Confirms that both brake surfaces of the rotor are parallel to each other and to the rotor mounting face Rotor turns straight inside the caliper, resulting in less pulsation issues Economy rotors will go up to .004" parallelism Specific Metallurgy Damped Iron is always used where OE uses damped iron Damped Iron is also used in noisy, problem applications Black FusionTM Technology Corrosion resistant coating Tested in salt spray test ASTM-B117 Withstands equivalent of two snowbelt winters before rusting Mill Balanced to 2 inch ounces Less vibration, smoother braking Economy rotor balancing varies widely, 3 - 4 inch ounces or higher Cooling Vane configurations 100% match to the original rotor OE design and metallurgy help rotor remain cool and quiet

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