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Raybestos® Professional Grade TM Disc Brake Rotors

Veering from the original design can increase weight and impair proper heat dissipation, which can change the geometry of the wheel and lead to pulling, pulsing and the need to have service performed prematurely on your vehicle. With Raybestos® brand Professional Grade™ rotors, you can be assured that there are no significant differences from the original design. Professional Grade™ rotors are tested to ensure the replacement rotor will maintain a safe and reliable braking system.

Providing full line coverage and great value, Raybestos® brand Professional GradeTM rotors are evaluated and analyzed for proper specified characteristics and tolerances. Heat Dissipation Stopping Distance Brake Fade Rotor and Friction Wear Drivability Problems The Best Import Coverage in the Industry Import coverage continues to expand. Whether for a car, truck or import SUV, Raybestos® brand rotors have the solution and provides the innovation, quality and coverage you and your customers can count on. Ground Finish Following the machining process, Raybestos® brand Professional GradeTM rotors are put through an extra step and undergo a non-directional finish to remove peaks and directional lines. Some manufacturers don't perform this extra step and, instead, recommend sanding using fine sandpaper on a drill. Vane Configuration An improper cooling vane configuration can result in less cooling and higher operating temperatures. Independent tests show temperatures can increase signficantly when using an inadequate cooling vane design. Even the best friction materials can fail under these conditions and increase stopping distances. Answering the Global Question Globally manufactured and sourced product is becoming a necessary business practice for manufacturers looking to remain competitive in a price-conscious market. With each of our partners (both global and domestic), we keep a close watch on the quality of the parts produced in the plant and then follow those parts into the field - ensuring they meet the specific OE requirements for fit, form and function and maintain the industry's lowest levels of noise, vibration and harshness. Even when that part is manufactured outside of the U.S., Raybestos® brand products meet or exceed the OE standard for excellence and maintains its high quality standard through systematic testing and ongoing product validation. At all times and at every manufacturing facility, we remain fully engaged in its entire design, engineering, manufacturing and testing process. We have formed alliances with other manufacturers who are able to produce products to our specific design specifications. They utilize our CAD drawings, manufacture using our engineering principals and perform strict measurement processes to ensure the parts meet precise physical, safety and performance requirements. When directed by our strict set of guidelines and procedures, global manufacturing helps Raybestos® brand products deliver the most complete line of OE quality parts to help our customers maintain their competitive edge.

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