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Police Loaded Calipers

Produced with specialized high-temperature silicone, Raybestos Advanced Technology Police loaded calipers are built to satisfy every braking situation, including high-speed pursuits. Loaded with premium Raybestos brand Police disc brake pads, our calipers deliver reliable performance officers can depend on day after day.

Silicone dust boots in Raybestos® brand loaded calipers can withstand 2x the heat of regular EPDM rubber for twice the amount of time...that's staying cool under pressure. High-temperature silicone boot prevents overheating and melting Silicone withstands twice the temperature of normal EPDM rubber boot for twice the time Pre-lubrication of critical components with high-temperature synthetic lubricant Remanufactured with new bleeder screws, mounting bolts, sleeves and copper washers New phenolic pistons (where OE is phenolic) and mounting brackets (where applicable) QOA technology ensures quiet arrival on scene During the most intense high-speed police pursuit, temperatures inside a braking system can exceed 600° F. More and more departments are reporting "thermal events" where the dust boots assembled in their cruisers are overheating and melting. Generally, a typical EPDM dust boot can only withstand temperatures up to 300° F and for only brief periods of time. This is a problem. The high-temperature silicone dust boot in every Raybestos Police-Pursuit Loaded Caliper can withstand twice the temperature of a normal EPDM rubber boot, up to 600° F for a sustained period of time. In addition, every Raybestos brand Police caliper is loaded with our Advanced Technology Police disc brake pads.

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