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Why Raybestos

  • Quality - Raybestos recently celebrated its’ 100 birthday as a supplier of brake pads, rotors, and chassis parts in North America.  Raybestos manufactures over 95% of what it sells.
  • Stability - One of only a few aftermarket parts suppliers in the United States that is profitable and reinvests those profits back into R&D and quality control.
  • Ingenuity - Vehicle specific pad formulations, latest technology, with “first to market” on many new vehicle applications and products.

Why Raybestos Police

  • Safety – nothing is more critical on a vehicle than its ability to stop.  Raybestos Police is the first aftermarket brake pad to receive D3EA PPSV speed-rated certification by an independent testing facility. 
  • Performance – brake pads that always meet or exceed OE standards and are specifically designed for police patrol and pursuit applications.  Over three million miles of in-fleet testing ensure that special friction materials provide unmatched stopping power and temperature stability.
  • Wear – Raybestos guarantees these pads will give at least 20% longer life than ANY other pad on the market, including Ford OE, Motorcraft, Performance Friction, and Bendix.
  • Quiet on Arrival – to ensure officer safety, all police pads include specialized hardware to control vibration and noise, including special rubber-coated abutment clips to maximize noise suppression.
  • Fleet Tested – FLETC (Federal Law Enforcement Training Center), US Secret Service, and many others – Found to be safest pads for their drivers.  In use in more than 1,300 municipal fleets today.

Why Raybestos Advantage Technology

  • Manufactured with the highest quality semi-metallic or ceramic formulations integrally molded for superior strength, stopping power, quiet operation, and high temperature fade resistance.
  • Rotors - six features that exceed OE specs, including .0004 thickness variation and .002 parallelism variance.
  • Hardware - All necessary hardware is always included with each set of brake pads, including Wear Sensors when appropriate.
  • Rotors – a “no-turn” guarantee straight from the box with OE vane configuration designed for optimum cooling.
  • Corrosion resistant coating and damped iron metallurgy to reduce corrosion and control noise.

Why Raybestos Professional Grade

  • OE or better performance for everyday driving conditions with great value.
  • Application specific shim materials help quiet noise, vibration, and harshness.
  • Hardware included in many popular models, including Wear Sensors where applicable.
  • Rotors that are guaranteed to have no significant differences from OE design.




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